Double Crossing

I was just cleaning the store room when suddenly one big cardboard box fell out of the top shelf with its contents scattering across the room. What caught my attention was a diary with an edge slightly torn. I picked it up and started to read.
“Melissa was the daughter of a senator who was getting threats those days. Being the only child of a doting father, she suddenly found herself surrounded by many security people. One day when best friend, Eva was sleeping over and both the girls started to chit-chat. Melissa couldn’t hide her disapproval at being surrounded by a horde of people. Eva suggested her to talk to her father to persuade her back the freedom she so desired.
Melissa decided to give it a try. But her father couldn’t compromise with his only daughter’s safety. Ultimately, they decided that once she resumed her classes in college, the responsibility of her safety will be discharged upon his most trusted man, Samuel King, the head of security.
When the classes started, Samuel obediently followed Melissa like a trained puppy dressed in a hideous bodyguard uniform. Though she secretly oogled him, when her peers started to make fun of her, she decided to do something about it. She quickly ran to the ladies’ room followed by her best friend Eva, because it was the only place where Samuel couldn’t follow her. She pulled her cellphone out of her purse and sent a text to Samuel to tease him. She had a private number so, luckily for her, Samuel was not aware of the identity of his secret admirer. She started calling him whenever she got out of his eyes.
With the passage of time, she convinced him to dress in some casual clothes so as to blend in with the students. Even Samuel was getting intrigued with his unknown secret admirer. Both started to fall in love. But Melissa knew her Senator wouldn’t approve of this love affair during the elections.
She read Samuel’s message in which Samuel asked her to leave with him to New York after graduation ceremony. She quickly replied a “yes”. Apart from Melissa, Eva was the only person who knew about the identity of the secret admirer.
Unfortunately, on the day of graduation, Samuel was called up by the senator, who was getting suspicious. Samuel told him that he couldn’t do something like that with him and the girl he loves is waiting for him at the airport. The senator let him go. He asked two of his men to follow Samuel.
Melissa saw this and got scared. She asked Eva to go to the airport. When Samuel reached airport he waited for his love. He was surprised at first when he saw Eva but engulfed her in a hug. Melissa started calling Eva to tell Samuel that it is actually Melissa who loves him but Eva switched off the phone and threw it in the dustbin and kissed Samuel.”
Eva is nobody else but me. Yes, Emily, it was your mom who  stole her best friend’s love. I refused to ever talk to her and didn’t let your father to even talk about them.
Maybe that is the reason that I am dying of cancer today. You, my daughter, will have to reunite your father and my best friend Lisa. But first please burn this diary. Because I don’t want your dad to ever hate me.
I love you, Emily.
Your mother.wp_ss_20170105_0006.pngwp_ss_20170105_0007.png



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